Pixwox Alternatives | Best Sites Like Pixwox 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion active users. It has gained immense popularity because it allows users to share photos and videos with their friends and family. While Instagram is a great platform, there are some limitations to its functionality. For example, you can only view and download photos and videos that have been shared on your own profile or story.

If you want to view or download someone else’s photos or videos, you need to use a third-party website like Pixwox. In this blog post, we will list out a few of the best Pixwox alternatives for viewing and downloading Instagram photos and videos online!

Best Pixwox Alternatives


Thank you for choosing izoomYou to view your Instagram pictures and videos. izoomYou is the best way to stay connected with your friends and family while keeping up with the latest trends. With izoomYou, you can view photos and videos from anywhere in the world without having to download or install any software. izoomYou is also the only way to view high-resolution photos and videos on your computer or mobile device.


Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms, with users sharing photos and videos of their everyday lives. One of the most popular features on Instagram is Stories, which allows users to share short videos or photos that disappear after 24 hours. However, there is one downside to Stories: they can only be viewed on the app itself, which can be a pain for users who want to view them on a computer or other device.

That’s where Insta-Stories comes in. This website allows users to view Instagram Stories and profile updates without having to download the app. It’s simple to use: just enter the username of the person whose Story you want to view, and Insta-Stories will do the rest. In addition, the website also offers a handy search function, so you can easily find the stories you’re looking for. Whether you’re a casual Instagram user or a diehard fan of Stories, Insta-Stories is a must-have tool.


If you’re looking for a way to view Instagram Stories without having to create an account, you may want to check out Instalkr. This website allows you to view public Instagram Stories without needing to login or create an account.

Simply enter the username of the person whose Story you want to view, and you’ll be able to see it. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to view private Stories or view Stories from people who have blocked you. However, if you’re just trying to check out a public Story, Instalkr is a great option.


If you’re an avid Instagram user, you know that one of the best parts of the platform is the Stories feature. This allows you to share quick snippets of your day-to-day with your followers, in a fun and informal way. But what if you’re not able to access Instagram for whatever reason? That’s where Dumpor comes in.

Dumpor is a website that allows you to view Instagram Stories from any account, even if you’re not following them. You can also download them for offline viewing, which is great for when you’re on the go. And best of all, it’s completely free to use! So if you’re ever in a situation where you can’t access Instagram, be sure to check out Dumpor.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an application for downloading Instagram Stories, photos and reels. With 4K Stogram, you can download not only your own photos and videos, but also those of public accounts without having to login.

The application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 4K Stogram is a fast and easy way to download Instagram Stories and photos. It’s also a convenient way to download public account content without having to login. The application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 4K Stogram is a great tool for anyone who wants to download Instagram content quickly and easily.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave is an app that allows users to save Instagram photos and videos with just a few clicks. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it’s completely free to use. FastSave is incredibly easy to use; simply open the app and log in with your Instagram credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you can browse your feed and save any photo or video with a single tap. The saved media will be stored in a separate folder within the app, and you can access it offline at any time. FastSave is a great tool for saving precious memories, or for quickly downloading high-quality images and videos for later use.


The Storiesgrams tool for Instagram story viewing and downloading allows you to view and download public Instagram stories without needing an account. To use the tool, simply enter the username of the account you want to view into the search bar. The tool will then show you a feed of all the public stories that have been posted by that user.

From there, you can scroll through and view each story in full. If you see a story that you want to download, simply click on the “Download” button. The story will then be saved as a video file on your computer. Storiesgrams is a free tool that can be used by anyone, making it a great resource for those who want to view and download public Instagram stories without having an account.


StorySaver is a website that allows users to download Instagram stories and highlights. The website is free to use and requires no registration. Simply enter the URL of the story or highlight you wish to download, and StorySaver will do the rest. The website is quick and easy to use, and it offers a convenient way to save your favorite Instagram content. In addition, StorySaver is compatible with all major browsers and devices. So whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily download Instagram stories and highlights.


InstaSaved is a website that allows users to download Instagram Stories anonymously. The website provides a simple interface for users to enter the URL of the story they wish to download. Once the story is downloaded, the user can choose to save it to their camera roll or share it with their friends.

InstaSaved also offers a variety of other features, such as the ability to download pictures and videos from Instagram, and a search function that allows users to find specific stories. Overall, InstaSaved is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to download Instagram Stories without being traceable.


With the recent update to Instagram, users can now save their stories directly to their phone. However, many people are unaware of this new feature and continue to use third-party apps to download their stories. InstaSave is a new app that allows users to save their Instagram stories directly to their phone with just a few clicks.

The app is simple to use and only requires a few seconds to download each story. In addition, InstaSave offers a number of other features, such as the ability to save multiple stories at once and the ability to download stories from private accounts. With its ease of use and valuable features, InstaSave is the perfect solution for anyone looking to download their Instagram stories.


While Pixwox is a great site for downloading Instagram photos and videos, there are several other sites that offer similar services. If you are looking for an alternative to Pixwox, the above are worth considering. All of these sites provide easy ways to download Instagram photos and videos, and many of them also offer additional features such as photo editing tools and video conversion options.

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